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pro bono dental work
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When a dentist opts to provide probono dental work, he is often able to recoup that money when he files taxes. Probono work is tax deductible as services that were rendered without payment.

In addition, the probono can also be added as a tax credit in the form of charitable donation. These different tax credits and deductions can help a dentist to even make money on the procedure and make the whole affair a win-win situation for both the dentist and the patient.

The dentist may not have immediately received monetary recognition for the work that he did for the patient, but in the end, he can receive this monetary compensation from the tax institution.

Probono dental work also has the extra benefit of being able to bring publicity to the dentist. Advertising is very expensive, especially when it comes to reaching a national audience. While the chances of a documentary show to be done on the procedure and the patient is low, the chance does exist. Even if the national shows do not pick up the patient and the procedure, often the local television news programs and the news papers will pick up this procedure and the patient. This will get the dentistís name and his or her clinic in front of the general public and help them to remember him as a professional who cares about his patients.

As stated, it is not only the patients who have extreme dental conditions that can benefit from probono dental work. In some rare cases, a dentist will perform probono dental work on those patients who lack the funds to pay for a necessary procedure. It is less common for adults than it is for children to receive free dental work, as most people are less sympathetic to adults. The exception to this would be if the work was necessary because the patient was attacked or injured in an accident where the circumstances were clearly bad and not the patientís fault. An example of this would be a person who was injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver or who was jumped for their belongings. Neither of these events where the patientís fault but the patient may not have the funds to have the dental work needed, done. This can lead to a probono dental work opportunity for the dentist and the patient.
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