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pro bono dental work
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There is an old saying that one cannot get anything for free. This is very true, with the exception of probono dental work.

The term probono means “for free” or “for good”. This term is used when the procedure or practice is done for free or for the good of the public without charge. This is most often seen in legal cases, although medical and dental probono cases do exist as well.

In most cases, these cases are the result of an extreme cause with the patient having little or no funds to cover the expenses. Most dentists and medical professionals extend this service to those who have new or rare medical conditions that are difficult to treat.

As stated, the most common reason for probono dental work is that the patient has a rare or extreme dental condition that warrants special attention. There are many things that can go wrong in a patient’s mouth, including the development of tumors, improperly formed teeth and duel sets of teeth. These conditions are painful and often cause the patient to have difficulty eating. In some cases, the conditions can be fatal if not treated quickly and by a skilled dentist. However, with the rarity of the conditions, and the extremes that these conditions often present themselves with, the costs are often higher than what the patient or the patient’s family is capable of affording.

Failing to treat a patient who has an obvious need but whose need is caused by his or her neglect of oral hygiene is often more than a dentist is able to stand. In these situations, the dentist then has one of two choices that he can make regarding the procedure and the ultimate health and happiness of the patient. The first option is to ignore the need in favor of paying customers who can afford to have their more common conditions treated. The second option is to treat the patient to probono dental work. This can often save the patient from a lifetime of pain and even the potential of death.
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